An indigenous Oil & Gas EPCM Contracting Company


“As a premier full service Oil & Gas firm recognized for its achievement in EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance) project, acknowledge that our activities have an impact on people, the environment and local communities we operate. As we deliver high performance, we strive to invest in people and ensure the safety of the environment.”


The demand for sustainable Engineering and Civil works has radically increased within the last 20 years. Drillex Engineering maintains a drive to provide sustainable technologies and improve on service quality that meets the demands and navigates today’s industry challenges.

While operating within design and environmental limits, our consistency in delivering sustainable products and services remains unwavering.


At Drillex Engineering, Safety is our primacy. Our safety standards is enforced across all level of workforce, from senior management to frontline staff, all employees are committed to an incident free Driller Engineering. We are guided by the notion that incidents are never inevitable and never acceptable. We recognized that operational safety is not just influenced by human factor; it requires systems and control to be resourceful and effective in preventing any accident.

Drillex Engineering operations comply with international standards and uses established methodology to understand and avoid any potential negative impact our works have on man and the natural environment.

To manage our operations, we have implemented a QHSE Management System which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Drillex Engineering Service is committed to exemplary corporate ethics. The company holds itself accountable for being honest, fair and respectful in all aspects of its business, and operates in a zero tolerance atmosphere for any action that could be perceived as contrary to those values.


Committed to both safety and quality

We’ve a vast amount of experience working in Nigeria and West Africa providing array of services to the Oil & Gas companies.



Up-to-date list of construction equipment

The visionary Engineering projects of our clients can only be realised by the best people working with the latest technology.


We believe we are the partner of choice, because we understand and appreciate our partners’ state of affairs, needs and purpose and we fulfill our promises.

We are dedicated to solving today’s industry problems by implementing innovative sustainably developed solutions that drive human progress.

We are driven by a focus on the Health and Safety of People and the Environment. We strive to earn the admiration of all our stake holders, not only for the goals we achieve, but for how safely and green we achieve them.